Yes, if I were trapped in an arid climate without any access to refrigeration, then OBVIOUSLY I would choose a highly perishable, dairy-based food product to have with me. Let’s face it, I have no survival skills so if I’m going down anyway, I might as well eat what I want. You have probably deduced this from the fact that I have now published three halloumi recipes in as many months , but halloumi is one of my desert island foods. Even with the pandemic, when we didn’t actually see people on their birthdays, Remy still insisted on a cake for every.

It was like the blood scene in the shining but with poop! My cat looked on in fear and concern as I gripped the countertop and a symphony of horns bellowed from my anus. I am not a religious man, but I am praying to whoever is out there, please make this stop. Turns out that Japanese developer Kemco took that relatable childhood experience rather literally, and as a result, ‘Mom hid my game! ‘ is a series of 50 situations that are like mini escape room type puzzles, in which each time you have to find your titular clamshell gaming machine.

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They get confused when all the chairs are stacked up on the table, and they HATE the vacuum cleaner. They try to hide under the pillows on the couch. Leo sometimes sits on top of Grumples.

That included fighting back against insults to my sect. “What would be the problem?” Wen Chao asked innocuously, his face revealing his contempt. He casted his gaze at all the disciples present, and eventually landed on me.

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I’ve even managed to convict myself of a Friday afternoon cock-up after I left someone I detested’s leaving do early and returned to the office to wait for a lift home. That was before it took longer to learn how to program the editor than it did several languages. Thank god error reporting has improved faster than documentation. I wasted half a day debugging a 2.5V circuit until I noticed the 5V version of a chip had been installed. Some helpful person had fixed an “out of stock” problem by calling the supplier.

  • Good Morning everyone well look’s Like I was last here yesterday and first this morning.
  • This development prevented him from losing any more weight, but he was still unable to eat the more nutritious, solid food he needed to start gaining back some body mass.
  • My brother’s background music, on the other hand, consists of the same song looped continuously.
  • Tilapia is fast-becoming a consumer favorite, for a few reasons.
  • The reason I asked about the tapioca pudding is in the photos I couldn’t really see any of the tapioca pearls so I thought something special had been done.
  • My poor daughter just got braces on her teeth yesterday.