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The motorcycle is traveling at a speed of 15 miles per hour or less. The roadway must have a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or less. If you practice lane splitting in New Mexico, you could be accused of reckless driving.

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The lanes on far left are much safer to split than the lanes on the far right. Don’t travel too much faster than the cars you’re passing. The faster you’re passing cars while splitting, the more you are putting yourself in danger. Because the real appeal of lane-splitting isn’t safety. Arizona legislators in 2010 passed a bill that would have allowed a one-year lane-splitting pilot program, but it was vetoed by then-Gov.

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  • Being a rider myself, I think EAP does a pretty decent job of handling this but I do wish it did it better.
  • Motorists do in fact have to cede space for passing traffic.
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  • We have CHP on board and below is a link to their website and the info being distributed.
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He said the code clearly states, one vehicle per lane at a time. Bikes riding side by side in a lane was not legal either. He said lane splitting was tolerated to allow air cooled bikes to move SLOWLY between cars for airflow only.

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Those who lane split at speeds like 70+ mph can make wrong move and end very badly.” He also mentioned that having motorcyclists in between lanes also significantly helps to avoid rear ending. This makes them susceptible to rear-end collisions, side-swipes due to being stuck in blind spots, and poor reaction times due to the lack of visibility around the traffic in front of them. While safety is often used by drivers as a critique of lane splitting, motorcyclists say it actually makes them feel more safe while riding.

“As soon as study was shown that it was safer to have motorcyclist lane split, everyone was on board.” Having motorcyclists in between lanes significantly helps to avoid rear ending. The study also states that lane splitting riders are Lane Splitter less likely to suffer head, torso, extremity and fatal injury. A heavy emphasis is mentioned on the speed at which motorcyclists lane split. “These riders could lower their risk of injury by restricting the environments in which they lane-split and by reducing their speed differential when they do choose to lane split,” the study said.