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Highlight your brand and products in front of
the most passionate of audiences

When it comes to product, Snowboard Mag is positioned to highlight your gear in the most creative of ways. From our new Digital Brand Guide to our product catalog and product focused editorial, there’s no better way to show off your products to the people who actually want to buy them.

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Digital Brand Guide

A new, refreshing look at product in the digital realm

New for 2017, Snowboard Mag’s Digital Brand Guide takes a step into the future to show off your brand’s latest and greatest product offerings. Starting with our newly designed landing page, your brand will have the chance to connect directly with our passionate consumer audience and give them all the latest exciting info about your brand. Take this opportunity to drive home a brand heritage message or one that is more product or team focused. Whatever you choose, our editors will work with you to deliver a powerful message to our core audience.

From there, it’s an easy scroll or click to your products. Utilizing the latest in technology, users will be immersed in big, beautiful images with interactive hotspots that “pop out” for additional product info, videos and “Buy Now” links. Additionally, your products will be included in our redesigned Digital Product Catalog and Product of the Week promotions described below.

Digital Product Catalog

The most extensive digital product catalog in snowboarding

The digital product catalog will be a showcase of all the years hottest gear as picked by our editors, laid out by category, and including every product featured in our Digital Brand Guide. This newly redesigned section will feature bigger product images, in-depth product info, and “Buy Now” links from our retail partners and you, the manufacturer. Each product in the catalog will also feature links back to your Brand Guide page where the user can get a more immersive brand experience.

Products of the Week

Highlighting 5 individual products every week

Each week throughout the season, Snowboard Mag will feature 5 products from our Product Catalog which will be promoted through our newsletter and social channels to maximize exposure of your latest and greatest products. Products included in the Brand Guide section are guaranteed to be included here.

What's Included?

  • Custom crafted brand story
  • Prominent logo placement
  • 2 – 5 full screen slides
  • Interactive design that incorporates robust images that utilize interactive hotspots displaying product info, videos and buy now links
  • Impactful, hi-res action imagery (provided by brand)
  • Detailed, hi-res product imagery (provided by brand)
  • 5 products highlighted ($1,000/additional product)
  • Exclusive newsletter promoting your brand in the Digital Brand Guide
  • Newly re-designed home page slider promotion (brand-specific)
  • Facebook promotion (brand-specific)
  • Instagram promotion (brand-specific)
  • Twitter promotion (brand-specific)
  • Guaranteed Product Catalog placement for all included products
  • Guaranteed “Product of the Week” placement for all included products
Snowboard Mag is in a league of their own. From product features to long form interviews, they have the ability to convey brand messages in an approachable way while communicating what’s important in snowboarding.
Brad Scheuffele
Coal Headwear