Call of Cthulhu and Into the Dead sound really cool. I’m not sure if you’re into the game or not but I know there’s an android version. This atmospheric game puts you into the shoes of a survivor. You will need to help him escape from the zombie-infested jungles and fields.

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With no hope for rescue, you will need to help him get away from the infected, either by running away from them or by eliminating them. Thankfully, there’s an assortment of unlockable weapons and items which you can use to your advantage to get rid of them. Uninformed about the terrors in store for them at the island, a husband-wife duo set out to explore Shadow Town, uncovering secrets and a shocking truth. You will have to help the couple solve hidden-object puzzles to survive the perils awaiting them. The game has around 80 locations and more than ten puzzles. All 80 locations have to be explored to unearth hidden clues that lead to the ultimate truth.

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The slick graphics are all hand-drawn, giving a nice storybook look to the game. Play Bloody Mary when nobody’s around, and it will scare the bejesus out of you. The Android version of Dead Space ratchets up the fear level by introducing grotesque necromorphs to your mobile screen. It has more than five scary environments infested with reanimated corpses. You will need to eliminate them using the most advanced weapons like the Core Extractor and Plasma Saw. You can buy the three chapters individually or all together.

The stunning visuals, provided by Unreal’s Game Engine 3, are an unmatched visual feast. Light up the night with these awesome glow in the dark activities and experiments. You can even make glow in the dark writing that is invisible in the day. Blindfold meals are great for romantic dates, unique retreats, fun for the family, or perfect for a party. That person sits on one side of the room by herself. Keep lowering until there is only one person left in the game. The detective should make a guess about who the murderer is.

  • The grotesque creature design in this game is as fantastic as it is horrifying.
  • You’re never quite sure if what is enfolding is really happening or just born from your crumbling psyche.
  • You are equipped with a radio that blasts static whenever a monster draws near.
  • As with most of the entries on this list, this game finds a commendable balance between jump scares and an all encompassing sense of dread.
  • It subverts your usual expectations of a shooter game since, in order to kill these creatures, you have to remove their limbs as opposed to shooting them in the head like every other game.

For best results, play all three chapters in sequence. There’s a creepy story in there, and a creepier ending. You will find many gameplay features similar to Slender Man. The scariest part of the game is avoiding entering the ghost’s line of sight. There are those best multiplayer games panic-inducing moments where you will feel you are being watched, and look for a place to avoid getting caught by the spirit. A touch-centric game, The Pact has gesture-based controls that allow gamers to use common finger gestures while operating a crossbow or a sword.

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Composition 83 is a short but extremely creepy experience, worth playing for its ambiance and use of unsettling black and white visuals. You are trapped in a slow-moving diving suit — maybe it’s a space suit. Composition 83 doesn’t tell you everything about it’s disturbing world. But the things it doesn’t tell you are just as terrifying as the things it does. These are ok, some ended up being a little disappointing one game that’s not on here that scares the bejesus out of my is Five Nights at Freddy’s.