Love Nikki – Dress UP Queen is for anyone who wants to look like they stepped out of an animated show. Overall multiplayer online games, if you’re looking for an app that places its story on the same level of importance as the fashion, then this is a good game to check out.

  • In addition to game spots, I like to have shooting drills include a scoring and timing element as well.
  • At the time of this post, Mike was the coach at Washington.
  • Player #1 with the basketball, passes to player 6 for the shot.
  • After a shooter misses for a 3rd time at a spot, they move to the next numbered spot.
  • Another idea to make the games competitive would be to have them compete against a friend from another school and compare their workouts against each other.

Free-to-play with in-app purchases, this trendy, Barbie Doll-esque app focuses on the glitziest, most glamorous fashion currently available on the market, with looks from real-life designers and brands. Covet fashion is split into levels, with each level offering a series of challenges where you style your "doll" for a particular event. I had become the cliche of virtual wealth, my material excess a completely separate creature from my happiness. I didn’t want the clothes anymore— but I also didn’t want the little black dress, or the empty storefront. Ooh, this is where it gets fun, I thought, and surveyed the clothing in front of me, already formulating an elaborate look in my head.

In the current era, this war for the crown has been forgotten. You play a rich girl named Lizzy, living in a palatial mansion. You’re also doted on by your big brother, Lucas, who looks to you as a "fashion muse." Every time you finish dressing up your character for a challenge, and you click "I’M READY," your look goes before a panel of other users who vote on it.

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The game is very fun, very customizable, and very immersive, with a focus on current trends. Super Stylist has a leaderboard that will show you how you rank against other players in the game. In this make-believe world, you play Nikki, a young woman blessed with a superior fashion sense. As a narrative mobile app, Love Nikki makes it known right from the get-go that this dress-up game comes with a very complicated backstory. You’re also going to have to sit through a cut scene for that backstory right away.

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But before I could pick, Sven interrupted my reverie with a speech bubble. “Buy the black dress for the photo shooting,” he said, hands tucked nonchalantly into his trouser pockets. Wishing Sven would leave me alone, I dutifully selected the black dress. Unfortunately, it’s hard to strut your stuff into a gauzy webcam.

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Feel the extraordinary experience by playing in multiplayer mode. Make a perfect look and impress others, so you will win on the beauty competition. And if you consider yourself a fashionista, you should check out YouTube’s fashion section for videos covering the latest fashion, style, and beauty trends. Overall, while Super Stylist has a few too many ads for our comfort, they’re not so annoying that we wouldn’t recommend this app.