Lesbian Erotic Stories: read Meeting Annie

“She gradually bbw video licks around my nipple, closing her mouth that is warm it. We groan immediately. “

I experienced just gotten into bed, pulled the blankets up, and grabbed my content of Pride and Prejudice for just what had been most likely my 100th reading, when my phone rang.

Who does come to be calling at this time?

We picked within the phone, and looked over the display screen.

Annie. Previous co-worker while the polar reverse of me personally in virtually every way: noisy where I’m quiet, wild where I’m sedate – hey, I’m reading Austen for a Saturday evening, i do believe it is pretty clear I’m perhaps not a celebration animal, right? – and a huge fan of ‘fly by the chair of the pants’ when compared with my ‘plan every thing right down to the final detail. ’

Additionally, she likes girls. I am talking about, LIKES them. During sex. I prefer dudes within my sleep. Maybe not that there has been any recently, or numerous general – casual sex is complicated when you yourself have to prepare every thing ahead of time like i really do.

Therefore yeah, we’re pretty various.

“Hey? ” I make a place of incorporating the inflection of a concern mark the termination of your message, a way that is subtle of, “I know it is you, but exactly why are you calling me at the moment of night? ”“It’s me. It is Annie! ”

She’s yelling on the sound of music and loud chatter in the back ground.

“I’m at Brown’s and there’s this jazzy that is amazing swing-y, ‘40s sort of musical organization right here playing. You ought to come! ”

“Annie, I’m during sex. It’s after nine! ”

“Megs, have you been joking? It’s Saturday night. Also it’s, like, two mins after nine. It is not really dark outside yet. You understand, summer time? Experiencing the week-end? Been aware of those plain things? ”

We don’t respond. She actually is, theoretically, proper.

“Come on, Megs. I’m sure for the known reality, because I’ve been here before, that your particular apartment are at most three obstructs from right here. Wake up. Place some garments on. Get the ass down here. I would like to see you. And i really want you to own FUN! ”

“What would I even wear? ” Already I am able to feel my ‘didn’t plan this in advance’ anxiety setting in.

“Oh, do you realy continue to have that small dress that is flowered? The summery one utilizing the fluttery kind of skirt? ”

“Wear that. It’s great. Additionally, comfortable access if some body really wants to get underneath the dress! ”

“Annie! As though. Like I’m gonna meet a man and simply… what… flip my dress up? ”

“Why would you assume it’d be some guy? ”

“Fine. Jesus, this type of prude. GET FREE FROM BED. We dare you. ”

We grit my teeth. She knows my one kryptonite: we can’t ignore a challenge.

“Fine, I’m getting out of bed. I’ll be there in 15 minutes. If i will discover something to wear. ”

“Wear the gown. Miss out the knickers! ”

But she’s got already hung up by the right time i shout out loud her title. Going nude under a gown may be something Annie could do (and would do, really) but we will have my underwear on, many thanks quite definitely.

It can take just a little more than a quarter-hour to get the dress that is flowered find out which footwear to put on, fix my locks, and walk the few streets as much as Brown’s. I’m able to hear the songs fifty per cent of a street away: sultry jazz, a deep smoky voiced-singer crooning along, the rat-tat-tat beat of a snare drum behind it. It’s an attractive hot night, together with setting summer sun is red and orange when you look at the sky into the western. Fine, i do believe to myself, therefore being released may have been a small amount of a good clear idea.

I am able to have the temperature associated with the paved sidewalks under the soles of my footwear – the remains of some other scorching August time. It feels good, makes me personally flake out and take it easy.

I’d pulled my hair up as a ponytail but in the final minute We pull it straight straight back away, thinking about all of the times over time that Annie has suggested I wear it straight down. She thinks it seems great but I’m always afraid it will probably simply look windblown and messy. “Yeah, exactly, ” she constantly says as a result to my concern. “We call that ‘just got shagged’ hair. It appears to be good. ”