Individuals from both sexes, with or with no partner, to be able to expand the brings about other populations.

We carried out a theoretical sampling so that the means of the recollection for the information ended up being led because of the constant contrast using the theory that is emerging.

In that way we approximated each instance with regards to the development of this concept 5 . The analysis for the interviews determined the faculties regarding the participant that is next launched brand brand brand new concerns because of the various experiences and points of view connected with bisexuality. Furthermore, we utilized a situation kind sampling to be able to learn the construction of meanings in a determined social team, in this situation venezuelan bisexual adults 6 . The snowball sampling has also been performed therefore the individuals contacted by us led us to other people along with the convenience sampling. The test had been composed of 8 venezuelan individuals, four males and four females, moving into Caracas and Madrid, many years 21 to 26, that identify as bisexual, from roughly exactly the same social financial status, with or without having a partner through the same or reverse sex (Chart 1).

Chart 1 Description of the individuals.

We applied the design that is emerging purchase to investigate the construction of these meanings in their development so when a method to comprehend the truth through the idea of view for the different social actors, implying that all of those is very important for the growth of the research 7 . Along with that, this research design permitted us to generate a theoretical ordering that arrived directly through the information gathered through the participants and perhaps maybe maybe not from pre established categories. To experience this, we utilized the coding that is open that your groups had been created.

The strategy that has been used to remember the information was at depth interviews that permitted us to go into the many interior realm of our participants getting, in that way, appropriate information regarding their lifestyle, experiences and meanings.

also, the analysis of this information started by the transcription associated with the depth that is in plus it wasn’t before the analysis of every meeting we would not go to interview another participant. From then on we proceeded into the available coding in purchase to build the original groups. Such groups would be the item associated with the analysis through the constant relative technique which will be on the basis of the search of similarities and differences inside the information in order to create ideas, faculties and groups according to repetitive patterns 8 . When the initial groups had been formed we selected the absolute most relevant for the analysis in an ongoing process denominated axial coding. With this we place the many category that is important the center and we also started initially to connect it with all the other groups and subcategories 5 . You will need to emphasize that the relationships between all of the groups depend on a theoretical scheme of this construction associated with bisexual identification into the venezuelan context. The main core from that the other categories parted had been the construction regarding the bisexual identification and out of this four major measurements had been born: definitions related to bisexuality, growth of the bisexual identity, experiences of bisexuality and bisexuality in Venezuela. In this essay just the dimension that is second be developed.

Finally, so that you can guarantee the quality and credibility of the research we accompanied the requirements exposed by Martinez 9 and HernГЎndez et al. 6 .

to guarantee the interior dependability regarding the research we used electronics, such as for example sound tracks, in order to protect the truth regarding the information and therefore it could be contemplated by outside watchers. The reliability that is external guaranteed in full through a recognition for the individuals and their context (social, real and social) and for the understanding of a listing of biases because of the hand regarding the detectives. The interior credibility or credibility was guaranteed by the triangulation of theories and detectives, by which, from different points of view of various evaluators and detectives, a small grouping of information is interpreted so that you can provide it a framework. As well as that before presenting the research we came back the outcome into the individuals so that you can verify using them the conclusions of this research. The outside legitimacy or transferability had been fully guaranteed by a diverse test including individuals from both sexes, with or with no partner, so that you can expand the outcomes with other populations.