Your HES code must be valid for at least 7 days more than the last travel end date; otherwise, your reservation will not be confirmed. For Turkish Nationals with a Chip-ID Card on domestic flights, just scan your ID card for contactless boarding all the way. We look forward to welcoming you on board with our new measures for safe and healthy travels.

  • And if you click that you are sick, then a doctor can be sent right away.
  • In order to provide a safe travelling environment we will be minimizing touch points by only accepting credit card payments for purchases made on-board.
  • While traveling, providing a HES code is mandatory to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the wellbeing of the Turkish society.
  • The best insurance is one that covers everything from medical costs to luggage to lost items and more.
  • You will be able to travel by plane and train using the code you will receive through the mobile application.
  • This information is available on the Turkish airlines and SunExpress websites, and I verified it by calling Turkish Airlines.
  • During controlled social life conditions, HES code helps you safely share your Covid-19 risk status with institutions and individuals for activities like transportation or visit.

Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, to Turkey or anywhere else in the world, will require you to wear a Mask at the airport and in the whole duration of your flight . They will likely take your temperature as you board the plane. Internationals cannot benefit from the password renewal service in person at a PTT. You should be able to renew the password through account at your Turkish bank through your account on the bank’s online system.

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Foreigners and Residents can get HES code by downloading Hayat Eve Sigar app from app stores or through the E-devlet app. HES Turkish residency ID No. year of birth number of days you need the code valid for. HES Turkish national ID No. last 4 digits of Turkish national ID serial No. number of days you need the code valid for. Hi, thank you for your help, I heard recently the rule was changed to include everyone, not just Turkish citizens. Turkish airlines support is useless, I’ve tried to reach out to the ministry of health, Hayat Eve Sigar old version but I think they are busy, as well as the embassy. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees.

Most markets and stores you enter require you to wear them. Many establishments will take your temperature upon entering. Most Restaurants and Bars I visited are not too strict as far as social distancing so that’s up to you where you feel comfortable going. The HES app has an interactive map that shows you the threat level and population of Covid Hotspots throughout the country. This is an indication of where to avoid and where to be extra careful should you go.

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20% discount is provided for both the round trip and ‘young ticket’ buyers for discounted tickets. Young people between the ages of can benefit from this ‘young ticket’ discount. You can obtain a HES code by SMS for your children under the age of 18. Studies are carried out to create HES code for your children through “Hayat Eve Sığar” application and e-Government and will be available soon. The generated HES code is shared with the relevant company, institution or person, and it can be questioned whether this person carries the risk of disease. “There should be a way to ensure that people’s health is protected and protect people’s privacy and security at the same time.”