Do you know you are readily recognizable if you install browser extensions like an ad-blocker? It means, if you install browser extensions, your Browser fingerprint is unique. Do not change settings or add extensions on Tor Browser. It means Chromium browser and Google Chrome are based on the same latest stable version and security updates of the Chromium source code. Privacy data gets deleted after closing the browser DuckDuckGo, and it blocks the ads automatically. It is an intelligent browser in which the search bar answers your query even before you complete typing it, compiling the information from DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia entries, and various other sources.

These search modifiers allow DDG users to search indexes on thousands of third-party websites by using the main DDG engine. Offers web search without user tracking – DDG doesn’t log or track any IP addresses or rely on cookies to profile users. The company itself was founded by Weinberg in 2008, who sought to create a search engine based around answers, not lists of associated websites. That’s why to this day, you’ll find that DuckDuckGo delivers “instant answers” to your queries, along with more conventional search results.

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The DuckDuckGo search engine works through a mobile app, too, for Android and iOS users. The setting to make DuckDuckGo the default search engine in the Brave browser. Safari users can simply tap the magnifying glass in the search bar, which will bring up a drop-down to select the default search engine. You can also add the DuckDuckGo extension from the App Store.

  • w howler monkeys” to look up howler monkeys on Wikipedia.
  • We simply don’t store anything that can tie your searches to you personally, or even tie them together into a search history that could later be tied back to you.
  • DuckDuckGo search engine can be used to shorten URLs as well.
  • It seems to work just as well as Google, albeit without many bells and whistles.
  • Adding Gmail, Maps and the Chrome browser reinforced its power.

Even though Duckduckgo has other tools and apps besides its search engine, as I’ll get into below, for now let’s keep referring strictly to the search engine. This way, you’ll understand better what all the fuss is about with the Duckduckgo vs Google debate. Here’s an overview of public perception on it and everything you need to know about the context of this competitive comparison. Since the software suite is not limited to the search engine, there are also some software products to consider. But first thing’s first, let’s check out the Duckduckgo vs Google competition, comparison, and in-depth analysis. To force safe search you will need to make a change to your DNS configuration.

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Sites with interactive components have to function as intended, too. Register, Brave Tech has acquired Tailcat, a search engine developed by Cliqz. I agree it will be interesting to see how Brave pulls it off. This search is another great step and if they intergrate it into the browser, I will switch. If a search engine does not have other sources of revenue or good advertising deals with partners, donations become very important to ensure continued operations. For example, Swisscows, MetaGer, and YaCy all have donation options.