In the world of internet, you are recognized with IPs and it is your IP that detects your information such as geographical location. A VPN is a virtual tunnel that you can use to change your IP. When you use a VPN, instead of your IP, the IP server is detected and Netflix or any other services can not detect where your real geographical location is. It’s a tool which nordvpn price is designed to pass your traffic through the VPN server and then route it to the destination server.

How Do I Choose A Vpn?

Fortunately, you can bypass all of these restrictions by using a quality VPN streaming service. Major VPN providers like Surfshark, NordVPN and ExpressVPN can unblock all of these sites. These services implement their proprietary VPN features for streaming to give their users the ability to seamlessly connect to their favorite streaming sites.

NordVPN SmartPlay DNSWhen we take a look at ExpressVPN, it does almost the same thing but doesn’t call it a new feature. The folks behind ExpressVPN, like other major VPNs, constantly acquire and add new IP blocks to their servers. This is the simplest way of dodging the blocking algorithms of streaming sites. Streaming sites can’t block an IP they haven’t seen before. So, in this situation whenever a user uses an IP from this new block, he gets access to the service.

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So it will let you access the geo-restricted content because it will think that the requests are coming from a country that’s allowed to view the site. Also, retailers might show different prices for users from different countries. So even though you’re accessing the content, you’re still getting a raw deal because of your location.

  • This may also serve as a model for Spotify, the streaming audio service, which plans to enter India soon and is accessed by Indian users primarily via VPNs.
  • It means governments can force other content sites, such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, to block the use of VPNs from accessing their content.
  • However, with government keeping a close eye on users’ logs to profile them is setting a dangerous precedent.
  • In China and Turkey, where Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are blocked, citizens use these networks to bypass the country-specific firewall and access information.
  • However, it’s geoblocking policy allows some specific movies or shows to only be watched by the members of Netflix residing in specific countries.

On its way, traffic will pick up the data of a VPN server — its IP address and, therefore, location. Thus, the destination server will think the requests come from this VPN server, not from you.