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For example, now you elaborate and mention that the drive was dropped and had a virus. In doing this elaboration to make your unusual case more clear you are encountering my draconian spam protections. I get spammed unmercifully all day and all night on this post an in my email attached to it.

That S.M.A.R.T result does indicate some physical damage in the form of bad sectors. The real drive is shown at both the SMART and Testdisk. The real drive is shown on the screen of SMART but it couldn’t be accessed. Basically you have to type the right password using the Unlocker software inside ‘WD Unlocker Virtual Partition’ so ‘Your Data Partition’ will show up.

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If you’d like, you can email me the testdisk.log file. You can stop TestDisk at any point without it causing a problem. I have several years worth of photos on this external drive. I just want to say THANK YOU for this guide, I’ve managed to save approx 200GB of vitally important data from my old MyBook by this method. I cannot say how much I apprechiate this post of yours. All I can suggest is that you attempt connecting the drive to a different computer or if it is using USB then make sure that it is using the fastest USB that it can like USB 3.0. You can boot into Linux with a free LiveCD and see if the drive shows up.

I have no alternative but to tighten the spam controls. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience it causes. I have been able to find my file system with the first and second, not the third one. Send the log file and your answer about SMART attributes to and I will try to help you determine your next step. Also, I need to know if you saw a raw value greater than 0 for SMART attributes #5 or #197. If you haven’t checked those, it’s okay, just let me know.

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2) Can I peek into the folders on the new drive with Windows Explorer while Testdisk is still running. I did this since I thought it would be safer for the drive not to be recognized by OSX.

  • I am working on some of my GPOs and have run into a problem.
  • I’ve gone into the Select which icons appear on the taskbar and set to have most of them hide.
  • Microsoft does not plan to bury Control Panel anytime soon but there are plans to “bring Settings closer to Control Panel”.
  • I am using Windows 10 and cannot get the system tray to hide icons.

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Hi, important source I have a Seagate Freeagent 500GB external HD which when connected to my PC prompted the above error messages the post indicated at the beginning. Thanks, i had roughly 100GB i’d had to lose of data. If this technique did not work for you then it sounds like a format did occur. If it was not a ‘Quick Format’ then it may have overwritten all of the sectors with zeros which makes it impossible to recover with conventional equipment. You should contact a company that has the equipment required to remove the chips and attempt to extract the data.