When these breakdown discs become damaged, they place extra pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing severe pain. This is a condition where there is the narrowing of the spinal canal resulting in nerves being compressed.

The health benefits of CBD oil combined with the lack of any side effects makes it one of the best choices for people suffering from Sciatica pain. Just be careful with the dosage and consult an expert in case of any complications. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, and this compound is mainly found in Hemp.

The research is still in the works but looks very promising. The benefits begin with the cytochrome P450 interaction effect. You can treat sciatic nerve pain by applying CBD topical cream to areas where you feel pain. It may reduce your body’s ability to metabolize the opioids that you are taking, allowing you to space out or lower the doses. This CBD oil takes away some of the health risks of taking opioids and other anti-seizure medications or anti-depressants that may be prescribed along with the drugs.

  • However, this law stipulates that the level of THC in the CBD oil should be under 0.3% due to the psychoactive properties that this substance has.
  • If you have decided to buy CBD oil or any other CBD products it’s imperative to determine the right dosage for you.
  • Usually, the companies recommend a dosage of one dropper of CBD per day, however, this shouldn’t be regarded as a rule.
  • At the moment, there is no recommended daily intake of CBD regulated by the FDA, so people mainly rely on the advice given by the company that sells the product.
  • Note that it’s not enough to learn which brand offers the best CBD oil.

CBD topicals are lotions or salves that you will have to rub on your body’s affected part. However, they do not provide long-lasting relief, but it is quick and may last up to a couple of hours.

As previously mentioned, sciatica can be caused by bone spurs or herniated disc pushing on the sciatic nerve. The only solution to fix this issue would be to get surgery for complete treatment. However, CBD may be used as an option for alleviating pain experienced by sciatica. Cannabidiol is one of the 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

What Are The Best Cbd Products For Sciatica Pain?

Spinal stenosis is usually more common in older people, and the majority of the time, it can be confused with the general back and leg pain. With the spread of awareness concerning CBD, the market is flooded with various profiles of CBD products, and you need to be careful about what you choose. CBD oil is one such product that can be vaped, applied on the skin, or taken orally.

Unlike its other counterpart THC, CBD is non-psychoactive; hence it will not leave you high and intoxicated. CBD has numerous potential benefits, such as pain and inflammation relief, as it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. It also may be used to combat symptoms of anxiety and depression, common results of those with chronic back pain. It might also help with sleep, thus making you more relaxed. It causes the breakdown of the discs that provide padding between the spine and the body’s bones.

How Does Cbd Help In Treating Sciatica? Is It Beneficial?

CBD topicals are recommended to deal with symptoms of sciatica as they may help with the isolated area experiencing pain. Other CBD topical options also include serums, creams, and patches.