To this day, Google’s offering in the blogging space still retains several advantages, including that your existing Google account already means you have a Blogger account. So before you start cranking out posts, and welcoming your virtual visitors from around the world, you need to choose the best blogging platform to suit your needs. If you hadn’t thought about creating your blog on anything other than a website builder, it might be kind of hard to wrap your mind around these blog sites. I’m not saying they’re best for every blog, but they’re a great way to go if your audience already spends time on those platforms. Wix has all the features you’ll need to make money with your blog. The easiest way to build a blog on Facebook is to create a group or a page for your business or brand.

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You’ll be able to build your network and your business opportunities, but like all blog platforms, the cons here are that you’re beholden to the algorithm and don’t own the site or the traffic. Check out LinkedIn’s own course on getting better at blogging on the platform, Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn.

Business blogs generally cover topics about the business and the industry the blogger is in. It is meant to share information and knowledge with readers who may have a particular interest in the product or service the company is offering. One of the earliest and arguably the most common types of blogs are personal blogs. In the early days of blogging, personal blogs were essentially online diaries published by individuals who wish to share their experiences. There are a couple of core features of a blog that essentially set it apart from a traditional website.

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The main goals of a business blogger include generating more exposure to the brand, increasing traffic to their website, and to engage leads and potential customers/clients. Unlike personal blogs, business blogs are less about the blogger/writer and more about the business and the industry they’re writing for.

A blog is generally updated more frequently than a conventional website, regardless of what type of blog it is. Another main feature that separates a blog from a business website is the fact that it allows for reader engagement. Readers can actually make an input, such as sharing personal comments on the blog they just read, essentially creating a line of communication between the blogger and the reader. Blogs are different from your typical website in that they allow for reader or visitor engagement. Many people are still confused as to what makes a blog site different from the standard website, mainly because most entrepreneurs these days utilize both. A lot of business websites integrate blogging as a major part of their web presence and marketing strategies. A broke startup blog will appreciate that it is free to use, and it will even provide the domain name, as well as the option for a custom domain name.

It is also one of the easier platforms to use, and provides a choice of templates that can be flexibly modified. Ask any old-time blogger about what platform they started their blog with, and chances are they’ll answer that it was Blogger.

It’s more likely that I’ll follow someone on Instagram for a while and then one day I’ll buy something from that person, or follow them somewhere else. Instagram, and all blogging really, is about creating a relationship with the people who’re reading your posts. Once that relationship is strong enough, then people will be interested in going wherever you’re taking them. Until then, you’ll need to deliver on that relationship within the platform itself.

Because when they own the platform, what’s good for them is successful content that people want to read and engage with. It’s where the majority of readers who’re looking to read classic blog-style posts are right now. You will need to spend time configuring your site, that includes picking a theme, configuring it, setting up your WordPress settings, adding SEO WordPress plugins, getting all your content uploaded. In this guide, I’ll break down how to set up your blog and help you pick which blog site, software, or blogging platform is best for you. Because of that, we ultimately recommend you use Wix if you’re a beginner to blogging.