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    2017 SNOWBOARD magazine media kit


    For more than a decade, SNOWBOARD has

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    remained a leader in snow media by being agile and bold in an ever-changing media environment. Today, users and advertisers demand real-time stories, in-depth digital content and measurable ROI metrics, and SNOWBOARD delivers. Our digital and social properties are trendsetting, with a focus on rich, long-form content, and our print assets continue to be the highest quality and most premium in the industry.


    Print Audience
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    For the past 14

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    years, SNOWBOARD has built a powerful, loyal audience comprised of influencers that love snowboarding. They care deeply for this lifestyle and turn to SNOWBOARD’s storytelling that encompasses art, music, product, travel and snowboard culture.

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    SNOWBOARD’s social channels collectively reach over 10 million users each month and are a powerhouse for content distribution. Promoting everything from high-quality video to custom editorial, our social channels have proven time and time again to deliver eyeballs to content that matters.



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    snowboarding content.






    Snowboard Mag keeps it real with authentic content and interesting interviews. I like the way they approach product features, and I appreciate the clean layout of their website.
    Dave Downing
    Burton Snowboards
    Snowboard Mag makes me remember why I got into snowboarding. They feature what is lost in other snowboard media. It's the simple things we can relate to. I guess that's why they are so successful with what they do.
    David Bertschinger Karg
    Snowboard Mag provides in-depth reporting on snowboarding's key figures, past and current, who’ve impacted our sport in unique, respectful and important ways, highlighting why snowboarding and its people are truly special.
    Dean Blotto Gray
    Burton Team Photographer
    Snowboard Mag is in a league of their own. From product features to long form interviews, they have the ability to convey brand messages in an approachable way while communicating what’s important in snowboarding.
    Brad Scheuffele
    Coal Headwear

    Storm Mountain Media has been a pioneer in the action/outdoor publishing industry for almost 20 years. Founded in 1997, Storm Mountain has grown from a ski-town startup to the largest and most influential independent snow-media company in the world.


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